About the Inspiration Jar
learn how it all started
It was Christmas time, which also happened to be my birthday. Our family decided to do a white elephant gift exchange. I wanted to craft something handmade and authentic instead of buying a gift, so I went to grab some stationeries. When I looked in the drawer, I found a jar filled with paper clips. I took my old flash card deck and cut them into little strips, writing little pieces of encouragement and put them into the jar. I slapped a label onto the jar, instructing the user to read only one note a day, almost like a prescription. In the end, my dad received the gift and he was very content.
My hope is that we can recreate this act of giving and magnify it with the power of the web. Not only do the visitors feel heartwarmed by everyone's encouraging messages, but the authors of those messages also feel happier knowing that they made someone smile. Hopefully, we can propogate this cycle of encouragement and make the world a little more motivated and inspired!
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